Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Mixed media canvas, my 1st fairy girl!

Hello dear friends!

And here she is... my very first quilt fairy girl that has an actual face on haha!!!
And I love her soooo much!!! I can't even describe to you how much I enjoyed the process!!!! Visit Scarlet Lime and get a workshop by Christy Tomlinson! She is amazing, full of great ideas and just the style I love! Bold and happy!!

"Fairy girl"

And some details and close ups for you....

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Monday, October 3, 2016

"Cherish" guest designing for Scrap Africa

Hello dear friends!!

For some reason, this post stayed in the drafts since last December! But it's never too late to share your art :P

This is a layout featuring my DD Ioli. I was inspired by the sketch over at Srap Africa challenge blog where I was guest designing that month!


Here's some close-ups for good measure.

Mixed media canvas "it's the little things"...

Hello again!!

I am obsessed now with this lovely mixed media/collage canvases! They are so fun to play with and enjoy colours, pastes, papers, stamps, stencils and drawing as well!! It combines so many things that after you are done, you feel content!!!

Here is a canvas I made, this time I did some drawing and I sketched the tree by myself! 

"It's the little things"

I used washi tape to create the roof!! And a lovely fabric button with a heart! The numbers on it are rub ons!!

Thanks for visiting!! I hope I have inspired you a bit!!
Hugs from Greece!!!xo

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Mixed media "she art" canvas-"start doing things you love"

Hello dear friends!!

Today I am sharing with you the "she art girl" I made. It is a small canvas 6x8 inches or 15x20 cm. You are going to see more of these as I just LOVE the creative process!!! It is so much fun!!! Again I must mention that I got inspired by talented Christy Tomlinson <3 !!

"Start doing things you love"

and some close ups!!!

This is a box for Ioli's school. The teacher asked for it so they can put their projects inside! Of course, I would never give her a plain craft box hahaha!!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Cute little mixed media houses!!

Hello dear friends!!

I just LOOOOVE cute little houses!!! These two are my 1st attempts to make some and I really enjoyed the procedure!!!

This one was made to decorate my daughter's school box. They use it to put their crafts inside. 

"House for Ioli's box"

So, a quick how to process:
  • Glue with decoupage glue scraps of paper. Green at the bottom and blue on top.
  • Use acrylic paint randomly (green & blue) and mostly on the edges of each cut piece of paper for shading.
  • Get your stamps and go crazy ;)
  • Use stensils and modeling paste to add texture,
  • cut out paper pieces to create your house and then use paint or markers for shading
  • Use some rub-ons randomly to decorate
  • last but not least, use black & white ball pens to highlight.
here are some close ups....

This is another little house which was made very plainly and quickly and was mostly done by my daughter under my guidance of course. It was for a school homework and it is more like an art journal page because it's made inside her school notebook :) The title is handwritten by her and it says "ΣΧΟΛΕΙΟ" which means "school".

"Ioli's homework"

Thank you for visiting!!
hugs from sunny Greece!!xoxo

Monday, September 19, 2016

Mixed media door hanger!

Hello dear friends!

Today I will share with you the mixed media door hanger that I made for my two daughter's room!
"N" stands for Nefeli and "I" for Ioli (their ancient Greek names).

"Door hanger"

The base is a thick box cardboard that I cut out of a package box. I covered it it all with gesso, then I applied some modeling paste using some stensils, I sprayed several colors (dylusions) together with some water, I glued a few pieces of paper, did a lot of random stamping and in the end some doodling with black and white ball pens!!
Below you can see some close ups!
The letters are out of wood from Artemio.

Thanks so much for visiting!
hugs and kisses!!xoxo

Sunday, September 18, 2016

She art girls - mixed media canvas

Hello dear friends!!!

It's been a loooong time since I last blogged and I was worried that I would not remember how it's done anymore LOL!!!

So, I recently watched a few workshops on mixed media by Cristy Tomlinson and fell in love with her gorgeous "she art" girls! I love the bright, bold, happy palette she is using and all the fun techniques! So, here are my first attempts!!

"So very happy"

and the second one was an order from my daughter to create Elsa from "frozen" :P


Well, I've done a lot of mistakes like short legs or a big waist but practise makes you better so I guess I'll chat with you again soon ;)

Hugs & kisses from sunny Greece!!! <3